Beer List

  • Pale Ale

    • ABV: 4.4%
    • IBU: 25
    • OG: 1.046
    • FG: 1.020
    • Color: Amber red
    • Grains: Pale
    • Yeast: London Ale
    • Hops: East Kent Goldings, Northdown

    Our flagship Pale Ale is a smooth, balanced, copper-colored session beer with mildly spiced flavor and aroma from the East Kent Goldings hops. The bready, lightly caramel malt complements the hint of fruitiness contributed by the London Ale yeast, making it satisfying and authentic.


    Named after a farm feature here on the farm, this easy drinking wheat beer is complemented by honey from our bees on the farm.  This was their first year getting an ingredient ready for the beer, but we think they did great!  We add a small proportion of honey malt to add to the sweet […]


    Easy drinking IPA complemented with farm grown lemon verbena. Crisp and light in body, this has enough hop flavor and bitterness to satisfy hops heads and is balanced enough for all.


    Farm grown hops and an expressive yeast give this beer its flavor. A super dry finish leave you wanting more. Easy sipper that will accept a wide range of adjunct herbs and fruit in the future.


    If you like stouts or like coffee or both, this is your beer for your visit. Roasted coffee and dark grains are key to making this simple but delicious coffee stout. Slight warming toward the finish will relax you, while the coffee will give you a boost. Cheers!


    Similar to Bunkhouse, with notes of dark malts and a higher fermentation temperature give this a bit more classic saison character.

  • CABIN 3

    Our first attempt at recreating an old world style of beer. This lightly tart, dry, light bodied beer quenches your palette and leaves you wanting another sip. 100% hopped from estate grown hops. Yet another great base for seasonal additions of fruit and herbs. Cheers!


    A winter spiced ale featuring estate hops as well as ginger, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Ginger snap flavor balanced with smooth malt backbone makes this great to drink throughout the winter months.


    A classic Belgian dubbel with deep malt aromas and a surprisingly dry finish. This rich yet light brown ale is a great intro in the wonderful world of Belgian yeast. Cascade hops grown on the farm give this the slightest of bitter to complement its sweet and crisp finish.


    Back again is our Belgian Trippel, Geedie. We use a traditional yeast strand, a basic malt bill and light hopping rates to make this classic styles. Careful, this one will sneak up on you.


    Our most hopped beer yet, featuring hops at every opportunity and rye malt for a unique malt character. As with trends in hopping, light bittering additions (including farm grown cascade) and heavy flavor and aromatic additions make this very easy to drink and light. Copper in color, those into rye ales will love it!


    A smooth, creamy Belgian Wit beer with Thai Basil added after fermentation. Orange and Coriander are also added to compliment the clove aromatics from the Belgian Wit beer yeast. Low alcohol and great to enjoy during warm spring and summer days.


    Our first Lager, this light colored, smooth sipper finishes slightly sweet. Small amounts of our farm grown hops help round out this lager nicely. Malt dominated with a smooth finish.

  • 3-2-1 Gose

    This is our interpretation of an old world German style that combines slight tartness and hints of sea salt and coriander. Naturally produced lactic acid combined with dryness and low abv make this beer very easy to drink and refreshing. This is named after the count down one receives when leaving the start box during the cross county phase of eventing.

  • Marian

    Farm grown cascade in addition to Citra, Nugget and El Dorado give this beer a ton a hop flavor with just the right amount of bitter.

  • Ultralight

    This beer is our first light lager, brewed to be light on the palate, crisp and clean.   We wanted something smooth and refreshing on the farm for July and this is it.  With this beer we pay homage to the ultralight airplanes Beecher used to fly right here on the farm.

  • Blueberry 3-2-1 Gose

    Our base gose recipe with 50 lbs of blueberries added at the end of fermentation.  This came out a bit more tart that our previous Gose batch, with a nice pink/red shade.  A little salt balances the tartness of this beer.  Thanks to Butlers Orchard for supplying the volume of blueberries needed.  Enjoy, and cheers […]

  • White Flag with Black Raspberry

    We took our already tasty Belgian Wit beer and added 50 lbs of pureed black raspberries at the end of fermentation.  Again, thanks to Butlers Orchard for helping us reach the volume of fruit needed.  This has a pink hue to it, with a noticeable but not overdone raspberry flavor.  Creamy white head.   Highly drinkable.

  • 3-2-1 Gose with Peaches

    We took our base gose style and added 100 lbs of pureed peaches from Butlers Orchard at the end of fermentation. This beer is tart, with lots of aromatics and flavor of peaches. This beer is dry with plenty of fruit character in the finish.

  • Whetstone Session Pale

    All Maryland hops!  Farm Cascades and Pleasant Valley Cascade and Chinook combine to make a crisp, dry and spicy session ale.  Malt takes back stage and the piney MD hops are full flavored.  Its harvest time!

  • Camptoberfest

    This malty but crisp lager is our interpretation on the Marzen/festbeir category.  As with all of our beers, it is crisp and clean due to 2 month of aging.  Nice lager characteristics.  Copper in color and easy drinking.  Not overly sweet.  All German Malt.

  • Grumpin Pumpkin Ale

    Named after the haunted Grumpkin Woods, this golden, moderately spiced pumpkin beer is great for the season.  Slightly sweet, finished with vanilla and with real smoked pumpkins, this will surely get you in the mood for fall.  Cheers!


    New England IPA is a newer category of beer, designed to be over the top in hop flavor (citra and mosaic in our case) and easy on hop bitterness. It also gets oats and wheat to provide a full mouth feel. Typically very hazy, we compromised and left a bit of haze present. Baymore was […]

  • Runaway

    • ABV: 8.6%
    • OG: Double ipa with fresh squeezed oranges
    • Hops: Eldorado/Lemon Drop (dry hop), Citra/Mosaic/Simcoe (boil)

    Our first experimental double ipa in 2017. This beer starts with a hop forward foundation, complemented with fresh squeezed juicy oranges, and finished with a heady dry hop. Escape the winter doldrums and runaway with this one! Thanks to Florida Sunsational Citrus for the gorgeous juicy oranges.