Frequently Asked Questions

It’s possible that the question you have is one that someone else has already asked. Have a look through our list below. Is it a questions that hasn’t been covered? Send us a message.

Brewery Questions

Where is the entrance?

Look for the 4017 numbers and the brewery logo.  Turn in, pull through the gate and park in the gravel parking lot.  If the gate is closed, it should open automatically during normal business hours.  Park and walk up the path to the brewery.  We are a working horse farm so please avoid walking on the road as horses and some vehicles will be using this road.  Follow signs to the brewery for handicapped access.

Do you all do private event?

Email us, we are taking this on a case by case basis.

Do you all do brewery tours?

We do brewery tours based on staffing availability and requests from visitors, so please make sure you request a tour when you first come in. We cannot guarantee a tour on regular times of each day, but we will try to get people back to the brewing space based on demand.

Do you all fill growlers other than WBC’s?

Yep, you paid good money for that growler, we will just ensure it passes the smell test and fill it with good liquid. Cheers!

What happens when the brewery is at Capacity?

During our most busy times, usually around 4-6pm on Saturdays and occasionally on Friday’s and Sundays, we reach capacity.  Our capacity is defined by parking, so we highly encourage carpooling if at all possible.  When at capacity, we are on a one car in, one car out policy.  You will be greeted and informed of this at the entrance of our driveway.  For safety reasons we cannot allow a line to form on the road and you will be asked to come back in 10-15 minutes when perhaps other guests have left.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we are making these decisions for the overall guest experience.

What are your “beer to go” options?

Currently, we offer 64oz Glass and Stainless Steel Growlers. Prices may vary so call in for pricing or swing by the brewery. Also, 32 oz Crowlers are available. There are 32 oz CANS, that are filled from the taps and then seamed right behind the bar. Check out this video for more info on Crowlers from our friends at Oscar Blues.

Can you get WBC beer at bars/restaurants??

Yes! We self distribute and are currently at Riccuti’s, rotating at Downtown Crown, Republic in Takoma Park and Carterque in Mt. Airy. More to come soon!

Food and Entertainment

Whats the food situation?

Small plates and snacks are available for purchase in the tasting room. Outside food is welcome on the patio and in the tasting room. No food trucks are scheduled at this time.

I can bring my own food, someone in our party only drinks wine, can I bring this?

Unfortunately, all outside alcohol is prohibited on the brewery property. We’re making some good stuff, take a small sample of a few styles, some might surprise even the least of beer fans.

Any live music?

Continue to check the website and Facebook. We intend to give our guests the best beer enjoying experience possible, this includes live music.

Are kids welcome to the brewery?

We are a family friendly brewery that welcomes the entire family. For the safety of your children, please do not leave children unattended. We do always have a nonalcoholic option for kids as well. All brewery attendees must keep to the patio side of the brewery. Please speak with a brewery employee if you have any questions.

What are some good, local, food options? (distance from farm)?

  • 1.4 miles – Sunshine Store: 22300 Georgia Ave, Brookeville, MD 20833. 301 774 7428. Cash only. Burgers
  • ​(1.4 miles)Empire Cafe and Market: 22301 Georgia Ave, Brookeville, MD 20833. 301 260 8080. Pizza and subs
  • ​(3.9 miles) Etchison Country Store: 7000 Damascus Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20882. 301-414-0400. Subs

Miscellaneous Random Questions

What is a farm brewery?

All beers made at WBC have ingredients in them that are grown or produced here on the farm.

I want to learn how to ride, who do I talk to about this?

We do beer….and horses! For the horse part, check here for more info.

Can I touch the horses?

We are a working horse farm and while they are beautiful to look at, please do not pet the horses. Horses startle easily and can spook at odd and unexpected things. To learn more about our horse farm, visit


All well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome on the farm. The owners, and the farm in general, are all big supporters of dogs. We ask that you keep all dogs leashed and limit them to the patio and orchard area. By law, no dog are allowed in the tasting room or brewery.

What is the smoking policy?

There is no smoking on the patio, orchard or by fence looking over the lake. We have a designated smoking area near the hop yard. Please ensure all waste is properly disposed of. Please check with a brewery employee if you have questions.

What is the difference between Crowler and Growler?

A crowler is a 32oz can that we fill and can right behind the bar. These are made to order, cannot be reused, are uninsulated and will last 1-2 weeks. Please always keep crowlers cold.

A growler is a 64 oz, reusable stainless steel(or glass) container. We recommend drinking this within a few days(2-3) of filling, and once opened, to be consumed in that sitting for optimal freshness and carbonation level. This can then be clean and returned upon your next visit to the brewery for a refill (one fill is included with initial purchase of new growler).

Whats the parking situation?

We encourage all to carpool if possible. We have plenty of parking (some of which is a short walk from brewery), however during busy times and/or when ground is soft parking can get tight. We would like to limit traffic on the road right in front of brewery for other farm uses, so parking close to brewery is limited to handicapped use.