Saturday Food Trucks

  • BBQ Blues Truck

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Two brothers, Patrick and Chris decided to give the people of Frederick, MD “Real BBQ!” Most of the BBQ found in Maryland was less than average and mostly over-cooked. Dried-out beef and pork could be found at almost any BBQ Restaurant. Good BBQ needs to be smoked over wood. Great BBQ needs to be smoked over a wood blend for the perfect amount of time, at the perfect temperature-and lived! That’s what we strive to do. We don’t smother our BBQ in sauce, we complement it with sauce.
  • Brick n Fire Pizza

  • Upcoming Dates
  • July 20th
  • Nothing but the best ingredients on our pizza!

    We combine authentic Italian and locally-sourced ingredients.

    • Boxcar Burgers

    • Upcoming Dates
    • July 27th

Boxcar Burgers serves simple food, done well.  We are extraordinarily lucky to live in a region rich with amazing agricultural land and small farmers that are committed to providing world class meats, produce, and dairy.


  • Cipolla Rossa Pizzeria

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    Cipolla Rossa is a Wood Fired Artisanal Pizza Experience, on Wheels, for special events & much more! We proudly serve delicious brick oven Neapolitan style pizza, made by hand using the freshest seasonal ingredients available.

    • Dizzy Cow

    • Upcoming Dates

Our quality of food has a lot of depth—anyone can enjoy and appreciate an amazing pepperoni pizza, but a keen pizza enthusiast will be able to detect the artisan quality and effort that went into making it.  We see cooking pizza as a very dynamic process; between working with fire and dough, it’s like working with two living beings. It’s a continual dance between the elements we use to create our product.


  • Sweet Farm

  • Upcoming Dates
  • July 13th
Sweet Farm Sauerkraut offers a variety of naturally fermented krauts made with nothing but organic (local when possible) vegetables, sea salt, and spices. Our traditional fermentation methods produce fresh, crisp and tangy krauts that pair well with just about any meal. In addition to their great taste, our krauts are full of probiotics, beneficial bacteria that help nourish your digestive system. Sweet Farm Sauerkraut is located in beautiful Frederick County, Maryland, and is dedicated to providing fresh and local krauts that are as healthy as they are delicious.
  • The Pham Kitchen

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Living in a small town, Walkersville in Frederick County for fourteen years, we always dreamed to be a part of its economic development. Farms and land in this historical region not only inspire us with their beauty but also provide us fresh produce and vegetables. Fresh vegetable and herbs – essential and unique elements in Vietnamese dishes – from our own back yard contribute to the fresh taste and aroma of our daily meals. We want to continue our tradition by extending our authentic Vietnamese food to the community.